close the gap

Culture (values + Behaviour) Drives employee motivation and performance

About the Intervention

Is there a gap between your professed and embodied values and purpose?

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what your organisation is doing and why.

If your organisation is incentivizing performance only and not behaviour that’s in line with your core values and purpose, you may indirectly be incentivizing burnout. As leaders we set the context for how our people view and experience adversity, challenges, and stress.

Research illustrates a clear difference in neurochemistry in how we uniquely respond to the same environment (challenges, workload, stress etc.). There is a clear difference in emotional and physiological response when it comes to deliberate vs unintentional stress.

Leaders can set the context by being crystal clear on the organizational purpose and values. Articulating, communicating, and behaving in ways that support these values and incentivizing people, accordingly, creates the context. If you collectively embody and live the higher order meaning, it will have a positive effect on various health markers, motivation, and performance of your employees.

This is the only sustainable way to recruit, unite, retain, and inspire all the people a business touches, from employees to customers. It is the only thing that enduringly connects the core values and beliefs of the people inside a business with the fundamental human values of the people the business serves. Without that connection, without a brand ideal, your business may survive but it will not thrive.

Purposefully engaged people are more likely to work harder and longer, perform optimally and not experience burnout.

The Process: Keep Thriving purpose pyramid

    1. Identify core values and uncover highest intentions and purpose
    2. Mind to muscle – embody meaning in neurology
    3. Articulate and communicate – change shared language
    4. Identify touchpoints to live, breathe and demonstrate core values
    5. Ensure alignment between individual and organisational goals
    6. Implement – deliver in everyday activities
    7. Repeat re-enforce, recognize, reward

    The outcome:

     Meaning and purpose is the foundation for motivation, health and performance.

    Uncovering, articulating and living your values and purpose will help your organisation thrive.

    Close the knowing-doing gap.

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