What to do if you want to thrive, but you don’t know how


Here’s how every person can rapidly learn the principles of healthy living. In 4 short courses, I guarantee clarity on how to thrive

These are the top 6 benefits you will get out of the courses:

  • You will look, feel, move and perform better
  • You will be more relaxed, less worried, stressed and fearful
  • You will have a completely new perspective
  • You will become the healthiest and best version of yourself
  • You will feel motivated, confident and successful
  • You will feel accepted by yourself and others


How would you like to feel awesome? Really, how would you like to look better, feel better, function better, perform better and thrive? How would you like to feel better now, than what you did in the last five, ten or even twenty years?

This is my promise to you.

The methods in this course are timeless beacause they are not based on clever tactics or fads.  There are no shortcuts or quick-fixes. This is real knowledge and tools for real people, based on the experience—and success—of real people. Me and my clients.

It is also ridiculously simple. If you’re able to get the basics in place, then you can learn the secrets of thriving in any environment.

I know you could definitely be doing something else right now, so I want to thank you for taking the time to read this page. I’ll do everything in my power to make this an awesome investment. By the end of this course, you’ll know:


How to get the most out of your nutrition and exercise

How to re-program your mind to live a healthy life

How to set goals and dial up your motivation and energy to achieve them

How to manage stress and minimize the negative effects it has on your life


When I coach or give talks, I always get asked about my story, and how these courses came about. I think that’s a really important question to people, because you want to know that you can trust what I’m saying—that I can actually deliver the goods, so to speak. And you want to know what makes my courses different.

So let me tell you.


The problem with the health and fitness industry

When we take a look at the wellness industry, it is filled with scrupulous marketers, snake oil salesman, lies and so called “gurus”. If you’ve had the misfortune of buying products or services that gave you no results, you’ll know this.


But why is this?


Well, you know that it’s human nature to want immediate gratification. When we want something, we want it now. If we are offered immediate results at a fraction of the time or effort, but at a cost, we are quick to pounce. We want to look good TODAY! We want to feel good TODAY! We want it TODAY! We are often not willing to put in the time and effort to get the results we want. Marketers and opportunists know that and take advantage of it.


There are many online trainers, coaches, courses, blogs, diets, fads, books, supplements, equipment etc. promising you a better looking and healthier you. And naturally, we fall for it. If this is you, don’t worry you’re not alone.


Health food, supplement, exercise equipment and other related companies are making millions out of us. And our health is deteriorating…


Take it from me—most people who are selling you something that sounds to good to be true is selling you a lie. They’re just interested in your money, not your health. I know and see a whole bunch of these companies, so I can say this with some authority. They aren’t interested in anything apart from making sales, really.


Like them, I make sales too. But that doesn’t drive me. I feel overwhemed if I can make a difference in someone’s life. I like to inspire people to change and if I do that, I get more satisfaction than any amount of money can buy.

That is why I provide you with an Infinate Thriving Guarantee, more on that later.


Further there is an overwhelming amount of health advice in the media, I know. And it is confusing, overwhelming and often contradicting. Research and case studies are often used to substantiate claims made by food, drug/medicine and supplement companies. What we often fail to realize is that these companies often fund these expensive studies to be conducted. And naturally the results will be skewed in favor of the product so that the stakeholders will benefit by selling more products and make more money…

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up and tell you about my story.


How I came to be a health coach and the founder of Thrive

From as far back as I can remember, for the last thirty odd years, I have been fascinated with the human mind and body. From a young age I asked myself, “How can I get the most out of life?” In other words what will give me the richest and best experience of this life. This one opportunity I have of living my life.


My goal was to get to the bottom of this…


Therefore I’ve made it a lifelong journey to study and experiment as much as possible to find the way to optimal physical and mental health. I studied nutrition, exercise, human anatomy, biology, endocrinology, immunology, psychology, philosophy, neuro-semantics, neuroscience, mindfulness and stress to get a better understanding of what would be the basis and foundation to achieve my goal of optimal wellness.


I wanted to thrive.


So here I am today, after years of testing, reading, trying and experimenting I have come up with the basics needed to thrive.


People around me noticed the changes in me and started asking me what I was doing and how I was doing it. They wanted to know why I was always upbeat, feeling good and healthy, looking better and always had energy to climb another mountain (figuratively and literally).


I realized that many, if not most people around me we’re not thriving. Many were confused about what to do. Others were frustrated because what they were doing wasn’t working. Some were not motivated or could not maintain the energy required to implement the changes needed in their lives to keep them healthy. So I changed careers and pursued my passion of teaching and coaching others on how to thrive.

Of course, I didn’t figure this stuff out all by myself. Much of the succes I have today is based on years of research and testing by others that came before me. Much of the theory is based on work by doctors, pshychologists and researchers. The practical patterns and exercises are based on neuro-lingusitic and neuro-semantic principles for re-programming your brain. Most of this was formulated and structured by Dr L. Michael Hall from the International Sosciety of Neuro-Semantics.

This journey has led me to where I am today. A certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Life Coach, Neuro Coach and Stress Management Coach.


As the founder of Thrive, I have facilitated and helped various groups and individuals actualize their potential and achieve optimal health. I have taken my life’s work and designed courses. Courses that will help you thrive.


Who will my courses benefit?


My courses are geared toward anyone who wants to thrive. Anyone who wants to improve how they feel, look, function and perform. You may just be overweight and unfit or your health might be in a dire condition. This course can help you.

There are many obstacles between us and our goal of achieving health, vitality and longevity. These obstacles are external as well as internal. External obstacles are things like time, circumstances, lack of resources, the environment etc. While internal obstacles are things like confusion, procrastination, excuses, low motivation, limiting beliefs and toxic frames of mind that keep bad habits in place. The Lifestyle Upgrade will help you to remove these obstacles. It brings these to your awareness and shows you how to effectively deal with it.


The goal of the Lifestyle Upgrade is to improve your general health. If your health is optimal, you will most likely look better, move better, perform better and feel awesome. How do you improve your health? By getting the basics in place. No quick fixes, no magic pills, creams or supplements, fad diets, gizmos or any other short-cut nonsense.


Not only will the courses provide you with guidelines; they also address your thinking. If you have toxic or negative beliefs or frames of mind, preventing you from living a healthy life, the courses show you how to remove or change that.


So what does all this mean?

Here’s the bottom line:

Thriving is actually (first and foremost) all about understanding your mind and body and getting the basics in place. If you do this consitently and over time, you will thrive.

What do I mean when I say thrive? Well, it just means to be healthy and feel awesome.

What are these basics I keep referring to? They are: Nutrition, Exercise, Mindsets and Stress

The Lifestyle Upgrade program is made up of courses that cover these four areas. Once you have control over these areas, you will create the conditions for yourself to thrive.

The goal of the Lifestyle Upgrade is to improve your general health. If your health is optimal, you will most likely look better, move better, perform better and feel awesome.


How do you improve your health? By getting the basics in place. No quick fixes or any other short-cut nonsense. These courses will equip you with knowledge and tools. Not only will the courses provide you with guidelines; they also address your thinking. If you have toxic or negative beliefs or frames of mind, preventing you from living a healthy life, the courses show you how to remove or change that. If we change the inner attitudes of our minds, we can change the outer aspects of our lives.


What makes the Lifestyle Upgrade offer unique, you may ask? There are many online solutions promising you a better looking and healthier you. What differentiates this program is that it focuses on your governing frames of mind and uses that as the leverage point to change your life, instead of focusing on your behavior or actions. I know and understand the importance of psychology and the mind in life, and focus on getting that in order before changing anything else.


Every battle is either won or lost in your head.

Most books, diets, programs or other fads put too much emphasis on your actions and try to change behavior, without harnessing the power of your mind. That’s why success is often short lived and limited.


Another thing is that I do not sell supplements, pills, creams, books, diets, gadgets or other quick fixes. So there is no agenda. I provide you with knowledge and a better understanding of yourself.


Invest in your own knowledge and get the basics in place. The reality is that consistently doing the right thing over time brings results. Lasting results.


Each course includes not only explanations of the principles involved, but examples, exercises, questions, a workbook and stories from real life to help you apply the lessons so that is does not stay mere knowledge. The catch is that you have to do the easy exercises.

The 4 courses are briefly summarised below:


Eat to Thrive Course


Are you confused by all the dietary and nutritional advice available in the media? Are you unsure of what to eat and what not to eat to maintain good health? Well, then this course will help you. The purpose of this course is to provide nutritional guidelines and remove the confusion once and forever. This course will show you how to design your own nutrition plan based on your body type, activity levels, preferences, goals etc. We have no fads or quick-fixing sales mumbo-jumbo here, just good solid truthful advice. There is not one diet program that works for everyone. We are all very different. This course keeps that in mind and will help you better understand your unique requirements and needs.

Get complete clarity on the do’s and don’ts of healthy eating.


3 big problems with the health and fitness industry today, which this course will eradicate:

  1. Confusion and clutter: Stop confusion and false claims aimed to sell you more products
  2. Media Mythology: Silence the overwhelming noise and clutter in the media
  3. Quick fixes: Hit the mute button on quick fixes, new fads, diets, supplements, health foods and shortcuts


You’ll learn

What all the nutrition gurus and experts don’t want you to know

Why correct nutrition can prevent, treat and heal many lifestyle related diseases

Understand the single most overlooked reason why one diet works for some, not others and why no diet works for everyone

How food preservation and processing is killing us and making others rich

How to use experimentation and feedback to design your own custom nutrition plan based on your unique requirements

What is the correct portion size and meal frequency for you

What food choices are best

What supplements to use and what supplements you can stop wasting your money on

How to gain or lose weight and maintain it

You will learn, with correct nutrition, how to:

  • Reduce healthcare costs and save money
  • Reduce lifestyle related disease
  • Reduce chronic inflammation, oxidative stress and imbalance
  • Support optimal functioning of hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Eliminate nutrient deficiencies
  • Maintain energy levels
  • Control appetite
  • Increase strength
  • Increase endurance
  • Stabilize mood
  • Enhance Central Nervous System function and cognitive abilities


Move Course

Are you unsure of what exercise to do? Do you find it hard to stick to any exercise program or health goal that may enhance the quality of your life? Then this course may be able to help you. We will show you how to eliminate excuses that prevent you from the life you want. During this course you will also expose what your true motivation is, your highest intentions for living a healthy long life filled with movement and the benefits that come with it. This course looks at the main types of exercise, metabolism, energy balance, the benefits of exercise and the impact it has on health and longevity.

You’ll learn

Why you should move more and why movement helps you thrive

How to start moving and keep-moving

What is wrong with our modern lifestyles and why sitting too much is making us sick and causing premature death

The effects exercise has on energy balance, metabolism and on staying young and healthy.

Understand the different types of exercise and the effects and benefits on your body. Learn what types of exercise you should be doing and how much.

How to get the benefit from movement without breaking a sweat and why you don’t need to do a vomit-inducing CrossFit class, to get the benefits and to stay in shape. Why exercise does not have to be hard or painful to be beneficial.

How to appreciate and respect your body and what it’s capable of doing.

Why and how exercise can improve the quality and increase the length of your life

How to re-frame exercise so that it’s something you just want to do and not the dreaded activity it currently may be for you. Learn how to make it habit, a fun habit

How to stop making excuses that keep you from exercising and thriving

Get motivated to move -Tap into your own will power and summon your energy to get moving

How to set your goals and achieve them


Stress Less Course

Do you experience anxiety, stress or fear? Or just worry about things? Stress can make us sick and it can literally kill us. Actually, it is not the stressor itself, but our response to stress that causes real problems. This course will enable you to differentiate between physical stress and psychological stress and show you how to adjust your ‘stress-response’ in order to minimize the negative impact it can have on your mental and physical health. We also show you how to deal with negative emotions that can contribute to stress. This course will equip you with tools that you can use to stress-proof you mind and body. With these new tools and skills, you will be able to help yourself and others to live less stressful lives.


You’ll learn

What stress is, why we experience it and how it affects us

What happens on a biological and hormonal level if we experience stress

Understand the difference between physical and psychological stress

How stress can cause disease and even death

Why stress itself should not be feared and why our response to stress is more important than the stress itself


The best strategies to stress proof the mind:

What are states (of mind) and how to manage and change your states

How to use mindfulness to stress less

How to effectively deal with negative emotions

How to deal with fear in your life


The best strategies to stress proof the body:

Identify and eliminate bad habits that aggravate stress and learn new habits that minimize the impact of stress on your health

How to help others around you to reduce stress, through how you communicate and interact with them

Learn how to switch “off” the stress in your life


Mind Over Matter Course

Are you unable to maintain good habits when it comes to nutrition and exercise? Do you feel out of control or that you have no discipline? Do you know what to do and what’s good for you, but for some reason you just don’t stick to your plans? If that is the case you may have limiting beliefs or frames of mind that cause you to stumble and not achieve your ideal body, energy levels and performance.

We all play mental games with ourselves on a daily basis. You may not be aware of it but you are playing certain games. Games that keep you unhealthy, unfit and out of shape. It is possible to change those games to games that get you to where and who you want to be. This course will show you how. Here we focus on our thinking, beliefs, understandings and frames of mind. How we have to think, to ensure we behave in ways for optimal physical and mental health. If we don’t address our beliefs and frames, we experience frustration and guilt and it will be impossible to stay on track and keep doing what is good for us, giving us the results we crave. We address willpower, emotional eating, food addictions and show you how to establish new games that will help you thrive.

You’ll Learn

How to change your lifestyle habits and behaviors and get the results you want, by learning to change your mind. Learn how to change your attitude towards exercise and good nutrition

Why most of us fail when we try to change old bad habits to new

Why a healthy, long and happy life doesn’t start in the gym or kitchen but in your head

How to win the inner game, of the mind, so you can win the outer game of a healthy, happy and long life.

Why sticking to healthy lifestyle and changing your life doesn’t have to be hard. I will show you that you that your genetics, environment or your will power and motivation is not the problem. The problems you experience with maintaining a healthy life is something else.

How to become aware of toxic thinking, that keep you unhealthy and out of shape. Identify the patterns of thinking and beliefs that keep you overweight, unfit and frustrated. How to change your thinking so that it will help you thrive.

How to set goals, and achieve them. Goals that will help you live a longer, fuller and happier life

Understand will power and how to tap into yours. Utilizing your own motivation to get your health in order

How to eliminate excuses that keep you from the life you want

What is psycho eating and why you shouldn’t mix emotions with food

What is the difference between physical and emotional hunger

How food addictions work and how to rid yourself of them


How content is delivered

Each of the four courses consists of numerous video lessons, notes and a quiz. It should take you just over 90 minutes to complete each course.

The Lifestyle Upgrade program is delivered in a Learner Management System. This is a customized portal that will load in any browser, giving you access to all the content in a single, learning-friendly interface. It’s delivered in video format.

You will have forever to access to the courses on the website. This will be more than enough time to complete the courses and re-visit the topics you would like to repeat.


Your greatest wealth is your health

This brings me to what Steve Jobs said on his deathbed:

At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death…In the darkness, I look at the green lights from the life supporting machines and hear the humming mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of God of death drawing closer… Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – “Life”…When a person goes into the operating room, he will realize that there is one book that he has yet to finish reading – “Book of Healthy Life”…Whichever stage in life we are at right now, with time, we will face the day when the curtain comes down.”

Jobs mentions that material things can always be found or bought, but your health and your life cannot. Futher to that he says that wealth and recognition means almost nothing… These are startling words coming from this genius and icon of our times.

The reality is that you have one life and if you neglect your health, you WILL regret it one day.

Cancellation policy

I love this product and believe in the value, but you shouldn’t risk anything if for any reason you think I’m wrong.

I’m going to make you a promise so strong, I have given it a name: The Infinite Thriving Guarantee.

I guarantee that you will have clarity and understanding on the do’s and dont’s of what is required for a long, healthy, happy and stress less life. Not only that, but if you complete the courses and implement the exercises, you will thrive, guaranteed.

I guarantee that you will save money (that you would have wasted on other quick fixes or short cuts), you will look better, feel better, move better, perform better, sleep better, stress less, be more confident, energized, motivated and happier most of the time.

You will be the best version of yourself.

You will thrive.

If you don’t, I want you to e-mail me at Reinhard@howtothrive.co.za I will immediately transfer back your last payment into a bank account you provide. This guarantee is in force forever – none of that 48 hours or 60 days nonsense. You get infinite days. No need to explain yourself. You don’t need to justify it. If you don’t think it’s worth it for any reason, I take that as a failure on my part—not yours. I’ll save you any awkwardness by simply returning your last payment, so you can get on with your life.

Plus, you can keep your membership for the rest of the month during which you cancel. So you risk nothing.

I think this is a fair promise. In fact I’ve never heard of anyone offering a guarantee like this. What do you think? And if you agree, why not take me up on this unusual offer? After all I’m taking all the risk on myself.

Test it for yourself. Complete and implement the principles in the courses and give your body time to respond. If after a few months you don’t look, think and feel different. You can have your last month’s payment back.

Yes, teach me the basics of thriving with membership access

Pay with PayPal or any credit card; you’re covered by my Infinite Thriving Guarantee