Team Building

Are you up for the challenge?

Mountains as a metaphor

Everyone faces mountains daily. They can be unintentional like unwanted events, changes, adversity, obstacles, limitation, setback, loss, fear, or disease. They can also be intentional like chosen challenges and goals you set for yourself. The mountain represents un-explored territory.


Are you up for the challenge? We take you on a journey.

Why we do it

    Of all organizational activities, team development will have the strongest effect on improving group performance. Team building is one of the most widely used group development activities in organizations. It includes activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.

    The journey to the top of any climb requires goal setting, role clarification, planning, preparation, problem-solving, equipment, partnership, collaboration, camaraderie, trust, commitment, and interpersonal communication.

    These aspects enhance team development and improve group performance.  They are also synonymous with business and the workplace.

    Lessons we learn on the rock, translates and applies to achieving success in everyday life.

    What we do

    Our certified climbing instructors will take your team on a climbing experience they’ll never forget! No experience required – come see what it’s all about. All fitness levels welcome. We will make sure that your team gets excited to take on the challenge. There are many climbs of different levels that we can attempt, and each participant will have opportunity to try different climbs (time permitting).

    We have a strong policy of challenge-by-choice and delegates who cannot participate for medical or other reasons, will still be encouraged to form part of the safety chain at the bottom of the climbs and encourage other participants. We have always kept a sound methodology in terms of safety, and we can proudly boast our 100% accident-free record.

    Bring your team to see the world from a different angle. They will leave the day feeling exhilarated and with a powerful sense of achievement. Teams of any size can be accommodated. We provide climbing and safety gear as well as an instructional briefing on what to do. We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you and your team by taking you to the top!

     Please contact us for more information.