Your (meta) map to a better life

Your map to design a better life. Learn how to reboot your OS, update your software and service your hardware. How to use your cognitive, emotional and biological arsenal to achieve a higher quality and quantity of life.

About the Author

About the Author

Reinhard Korb is the founder of Keep Thriving, a leading coaching consultancy that integrates the best of neuro, psycho and bio-science for optimal health, performance, engagement and longevity. He is a Meta-Coach, trainer, blogger, speaker, author, and content creator with an integral approach to wellness.

He qualified as a licensed Meta-Coach (ACMC) in Belgium with the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) under the direct tutelage of Dr L. Michael Hall, the developer of Neuro-Semantics. He is also qualified as a: Neuro Coach, Stress Management Coach, Fitness & Nutrition Coach and Physical Training Instructor.

Reinhard loves exploring new territory and is an adventurer and avid rock climber.

What is the Book About

A guide to navigating towards a more meaningful life. It will become your own personal map, loaded with practical exercises, real stories, thought-provoking questions and deep theory.

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You are now at a choice point. You can continue looking for solutions and meaning in all the wrong places. Or you can take charge of your journey.

The program

Go on the 6-week journey through the book. Get a e-book and join our online coaching – The transcend program.

Coaching & Training

Individual or group coaching for unlocking optimal health, motivation, and performance.


“If I had written a book on health, well-being, longevity and successful living, I could not have done better than Reinhard. This book will take you on a journey as you explore how the brain and nervous system operate. He then takes you on an exploration of the higher levels of the mind. Keep Thriving is an easy read and a page-turner. What you will get from this book is more energy, optimism and vitality. It’s an honor to recommend this book from a creative and insightful Meta-Coach!”

Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Prolific author, co-founder of Neuro-Semantics and recognized as a leading NLP Trainer and Developer.

Reinhard has taken difficult to understand academic concepts about our mental, biological and emotional processes and turned them into simple, easy- to-use life changing tools. In rethinking our thinking we can change the thought patterns that have kept us lurking in the shadows of the mountains before us. Offering easy-to-understand insights, concepts and cathartic exercises. Reinhard guides you to climb up step by step, not simply to conquer your mountain and reach the top, but to transform yourself into who you truly are. This book is all about giving yourself all you need to keep thriving.

Claudette Browne Storrar


Reinhard’s book is one of the finest among the entire genre of self-help and life-coaching. He distills the neuro, psycho, and bio-science. He offers thoughtful and revealing personal stories of his own awakening to thriving. And his writer’s voice is rhythmic, instructive, and full of life.

Rodney J. Parrott, PhD.

Freelance writer and co-author of Nothing and Nothingness: Toward an Apophatic Science

A very informative, eye-and-mind opening read. This book helped me improve my mental game, remove doubt, improve how I perceive myself, and direct my life and taking responsibility for myself. It made my existing goal setting process more conscious and deliberate. And provided me with the ability to better understand, articulate and act on the problems I experience to overcome them. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the mind-body connection better.

Chris Cosser

Olympic Athlete, rock climbing

After reading this book I have really thrived in my personal and professional life. I have not only climbed, but conquered metaphorical mountains I never had the self-confidence to attempt. Reinhard imparts his wisdom and knowledge in such a way that the reader can’t help but wanting to become a better person, do better in life. “Keep Thriving” will guide you on a journey deep look into yourself, and the results of changing perspectives will be outwardly visible. It takes concepts such as goal setting, positive mindset and every-day healthy habits to a new level. I have applied the practical steps and guidance to my work situation, and I have also started incorporating the teachings into my parenting. As an individual and as a family I can honestly say this book has given us the tools to keep thriving!

Nerissa Roberts

Technical Consultant and mom

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