Why do I need a coach?

You may be surviving but will you keep thriving? What if your greatest adventure is left unlived or your true potential remains untapped?

Ask yourself these questions

  1. Are you living your authentic life?
  2. Are you being the creator of your story?
  3. Are you living a richer, more rewarding, and more fulfilling life?
  4. Are you being everything you can be in all senses of the word?

If you are experiencing recurring disappointment, frustration, lack of motivation, lack of energy, resentment, meaninglessness, hopelessness, disease, or any other un-resourceful states. You may need to reboot your operating system, update your software, and service your hardware to thrive.

We often resort to quick fixes to resolve our problems. We tend to outsource critical areas of life. This may temporarily mask the symptoms but hardly ever resolves the root cause of the problem. This becomes a crutch and a dependancy. This is giving away your responsibility. By giving your responsibility away, you also give away your power. The power to affect your outcomes and your life. A coach can enable you to take charge of your life journey one step at a time.

You are now at a choice point.

The predicament

You were born motivated. Motivated to survive. You navigate your territory (life) with this aim. You learn and internally map your surroundings to make sense of what will help you survive. As you do this you formulate understandings, ideas, beliefs and rules that help you to achieve your goals. In this process, you direct your attention to what you deem to be important to your survival. As you learn to focus on the relevant information at the same time you learn to ignore what is irrelevant. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed. To conserve energy, your brain deletes, distorts, and generalizes available stimuli into more manageable portions. In this way, you shape your subjective reality. You draw conclusions about things, events, people etc., how they work, what you should do, what they are. In this way, you build your map for navigating. You then stop responding to the “irrelevant” stimulus and only respond to the “relevant” because it’s significant to your outcomes. The “irrelevant” information moves out of your conscious awareness.

You have “programmed” a framework and map that you use to navigate through life. This framework reinforces itself and moves out of your conscious awareness and becomes your paradigm or worldview. It acts like a radar to keep everything in your perception and experience that has helped you get to where you are today. And it keeps out information that was deemed irrelevant at some point.

What if you select “incorrectly”? What if you are deleting, distorting, and generalizing information that may be relevant to you? Not only relevant but beneficial. Just because it wasn’t relevant or useful to you when you were 5 or 10 years old. We are all conditioned and run historic, mostly outdated programs.

The real problem comes into play when you don’t update your map over time. Your environment changes constantly as you go through life, but you don’t automatically update your map. The brain resists this expensive process. It takes a lot of energy which can be directed towards survival, the main priority. You also over-identify with your beliefs, values, ideas, and understandings over time. You feel comfortable, safe, and familiar in this territory. AKA the comfort zone.

Why a meta-coach?

A Meta-coach is an expert taking you on a journey to integrate the best of neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics and lifestyle for optimal health, performance and longevity.



A Meta Coach will help you update your maps. To remove any patterns and habits that interfere with your performance, growth, progress and quality of life.

A Meta Coach can help with unlearning that which isn’t helpful and learning new and empowering ways of thinking, feeling, relating, communicating and behaving. It is about eliminating dis-empowering meanings and creating inspiring meanings. To create a life worth living.

To keep thriving.

What can I expect from the journey?

  • A Meta Coach will co-create new resourceful and empowering maps to help you navigate more effectively through the journey of life towards the outcomes you desire.
  • A Meta Coach will equip you with the practical tools to unlock internal resources to unleash potential.
  • A Meta Coach will empower you with your own cognitive, emotional, and biological superpowers.
  • A Meta Coach will enable you to live with intention for optimal health, performance, purposeful outcomes, and a meaningful life.

By equipping yourself with the life skills you will be empowered to see life as a journey where chaos and challenges have some value and purpose. It gives you a powerful framework for dealing with life’s problems. Facing and climbing your mountains will transform you. It will help you to establish order and mould you into a stronger, fitter, braver and more resilient version of yourself. Take charge of your journey, Contact us for a consultation today.

It’s time to: See beyond  –  Think beyond  –  Move beyond