The word Enthusiasm has its root in the Greek language, literally meaning “the God (entheo) inside (iasm)”. The etymology of the word thus points at its divine origin.

We can therefore say, an enthusiastic person is someone who is inhabited by the spirit of God.

It is the radiance you feel when you are really being yourself. Enthusiasm is a wave coming from the soul, that lifts you up and takes you along. It is the Life Energy that flows freely through you if you dare to be yourself and forget whatever is holding you back or let your “thinking” get in the way.

Enthusiasm can be seen in your eyes, the determination in your step, the tone of your voice, the power in your hands, the irresistible energy drive of what you have decided to do.

It is a powerful word that conjures up energy and excitement.

I think to be enthusiastic about something requires three things:

• Interest
• Knowledge
• Belief

Knowledge can be gained but belief and interest is hard to change. You are either interested in something or you aren’t. You believe in something or you don’t.

If you are daily busy with something that does not interest you and you do not believe in it, then it is time for you to change. It is possible to act enthusiastic about something for a limited time but if the source is false or superficial the energy required to remain sincerely enthusiastic will dissipate before long. Other people can also sense that you are not sincere. It is evident in your body language and energy, even if you think you are displaying it. If you are not enthused in your career or job remove yourself from it. You are not doing yourself, those around you or the world any favours. You could be in a different place where your enthusiasm will drive you to surpass your current limits. “You” can be used better.

We all know what it’s like to deal with enthusiastic people. From a waiter, a cashier, a salesperson, a teacher or a manager. These people seem to radiate energy through what they do. “What” they are doing could seem menial but the fact that they carry the task out with enthusiasm makes them stand out.

It feels good dealing with these people. It doesn’t matter on what level of society they operate. They are not just going through the motions and filling time, but you can sense they have a purpose. They have interest, knowledge and belief in what they do. And when you leave their presence you feel energized and motived in some strange way. On the other hand it is dreadful to deal with someone who has no enthusiasm. It is like dealing with the dead, and you can literally feel the life being sucked out of you.

Enthusiasm is infectious. It is a positive energy. The really important thing is if we produce more positive or more negative energy. If we are more often enthusiastic about life, than not. Amazingly positive thoughts create more positive thoughts, that in turn, creates positive actions, behavior and ultimately a positive reality. Then having positive expectations comes naturally and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Surround yourself with enthusiastic people. Find whatever you are enthusiastic about and commit to it wholeheartedly.

The world evolves thanks to the thrust of strongly motivated and enthusiastic people.

I am a human conductor of enthusiastic confidence.

Each of us is a production house. We manufacture things everyday. We make thoughts, yes we are each a compact factory producing millions of thoughts every day. The really important thing is if we produce more positive or more negative thoughts.

So what will you produce today? Look yourself in the mirror any morning and realize that it is my choice what I will be producing. Will you be a production plant for something that people can’t use? Will you produce something for which there is no market?




About the author: Reinhard Korb is a thought leader in the application of nutrition, exercise, neuroscience and mindfulness. Optimizing health, wellness and performance in his clients. As the founder of Thrive he has facilitated and helped various organisations and individuals actualize their potential and achieve peak performance states. He is a certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Meta Coach, Neuro Coach, Stress Management Coach and Wellness Coach