Why we exist

See beyond – Think beyond – Move beyond.

Our purpose

We equip you to take charge of your mental and physical health to ensure you achieve your objectives, remain relevant and thrive. We want to enable you to take on every challenge, every mountain and don’t just be surviving but keep thriving, going beyond expectations where you can:

See beyond – Think beyond – Move beyond.

Who we are for

Appealing to every individual or company at a pivotal point in their growth. Reaching a choice point where you are entering unexplored territory or wanting to move beyond your current state.

What we do

Perspective. Accountability. Tools. Re-enforcement.

We provide talks, workshops and coaching, integrating neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, and lifestyle for optimal engagement, performance, and productivity.


you with the practical tools to unlock internal resources and unleash potential.


you with the biological and psychological strategies to live an abundant life.


you to live with the intention for optimal health, performance, purposeful outcomes, and a meaningful life.

How we do it – our unique approach

We take you on a journey: from merely surviving to thriving.

By developing each individual’s internal resources we help organisations to optimize profitability by increasing performance and productivity. We provide practical tools and steps to improve vitality, energy, health, immune function and performance.

By providing you with life skills you can improve the quality of your states, impacting positively on performance, productivity, energy levels, health and wellness.

By increasing awareness of the unconscious factors and equipping you with the life skills you will be empowered to see life as a journey where chaos and challenges have some value and purpose. It gives you a powerful framework for dealing with life’s problems. Facing and climbing your mountains will transform you. It will help you to establish order and mould you into a stronger and braver person.


Improved critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence and lifestyle strategies to develop meaning and purpose, a robust immune system, and activate survival genes to create mental strength and resilience to thrive regardless of circumstances.

Reinhard is a blogger, speaker, author, and content creator with a holistic approach to wellness. He makes use of cognitive behavioural interventions to modify well-being, lifestyle choices and attitudes for better health outcomes.

He believes that you must first apply this to yourself and then you can help others. 

Reinhard is a thought leader in the application of the various disciplines to affect increased resilience, unlocking of potential and fostering an enhanced capacity to engage with the world.

He qualified as a licensed Meta-Coach (ACMC) in Belgium with the International society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) under the direct tutelage of Dr. L Michael Hall, the developer of Neuro-Semantics.

He is also a certified under Dr. Ian Weinberg as a Neuro-Coach.

He is also a qualified as a:

  • Geneway Practitioner
  • Fitness & Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)
  • Physical Training Instructor (Strong First)
  • Stress Management Coach (NESTA)
  • Wellness Coach (NESTA)


Credentials & Certification