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The Keep Thriving Challenge is all about helping you improve your life, one small step at a time.

For 20 days, make better choices. Complete our goal design course to supercharge your motivation, get support from others and celebrate your small and big wins.

The Keep Thriving Challenge is a no-judgment zone! It’s about celebrating every better choice you make.

Ok, so you may be a little unhappy with your energy levels, health, weight, appearance, or level of motivation.



Maybe that’s affecting your confidence or your self-image, stopping you from going for that promotion or asking that special person out. This may even be affecting your health. You may experience some physical aches and pains because you are out of shape. Or your pain might be psychological; maybe you are feeling stressed, depressed, down, or just a little hopeless.  Maybe you are seeing signs of ageing or the results of years of neglect.

Perhaps your fitness or mobility is not where you would like it to be. Maybe you have tried changing your lifestyle by incorporating some ideas, but it hasn’t worked out and you feel a little low on motivation. Maybe you are frustrated with the lack of results in your quest to live a healthy, long, and happy life. You may also just be confused by the media hype and marketing attempts of the so-called health and fitness gurus out there. Or maybe you are using more medication and supplements than what is good for you, and you are left with medical bills and are still in pain.

You want to:

Look better

Feel better

Move better

Perform better

Be more confident

Feel more motivated

Experience a better quality of life and live a healthier, longer life

Be happy and be the best version of you

You want to thrive

To do that, you need to get the foundations in place so you can provide your body and mind with the building blocks it needs to thrive.

As someone who takes an interest in your health and wants to feel good, look good and be happy, you know that optimizing physical and mental health is critical to being able to experience this…

But if you’re like many others you find yourself constantly dealing with four specific struggles:

  • You are tired, stressed and your energy levels are low. Sometimes you feel ok, but mostly you don’t have the energy or motivation to perform at your best.


  • There are thousands of nutrition and fitness gurus selling you their latest product. You are confused and overwhelmed by all the contradicting messages and advice in the media. So, you are not sure what to do to achieve and experience optimal, healthy physical and mental states.


  • You are unable to stick to your plans or goals. You have tried changing but changing was hard. Maybe you know what to do but for some reason you just cannot stick to your plans and resolutions. As soon as following through becomes hard, you find excuses and reasons why you can’t do it.


  • You are frustrated because you have spent money, time and energy on things that didn’t work for you. The market is flooded with short cuts: quick-fix pills and thrills that are marketed very well but don’t change a thing.

When these four elements come together, you end up feeling unhappy, frustrated sick and hopeless, and find yourself always on the lookout for the next quick fix.

What if there is a better way?

A way to escape this vicious cycle always ending in disappointment?

I’m Reinhard Korb


I help people just like you to change their lives around. I help them look, feel, and perform better. In other words, optimize their health, wellness, and performance. I help others actualize their potential to be the best version of themselves they can be.

I help them thrive.

Most people go after advice they hear, read, or see in the media or follow the suggestion of a friend. If you buy every new quick fix, you will be jumping from one ‘solution’ or magic pill to the next, without ever making any progress, lasting change, or seeing results.

If you are trying gimmicky products, over-hyped supplements, fad diets and the so called “health” foods and not getting the basics right, is it any wonder that you are struggling with your motivation, health, energy levels, weight, or appearance?



Once you’re aware of the problem, it’s easier to fix it.

And remember you are not alone; millions of people suffer from the exact same problem.


You need to change your plan and focus on consistently doing the daily basics right to get lasting results that will transform your life. You need to get the right habits in place and your results will come.

You are after all made up of your habits. You are a result of engrained behaviours that came into existence by the mostly unconscious repetition and automatic thoughts, feelings, and responses over your lifetime… this is conditioning. You’ll never change your life until you change your daily habits. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.

You need to stop looking for the next short cut. Once you get the thriving habits in place, your life will change drastically for the better.

That is why I came up with the Keep Thriving challenge. My challenge to you is to change your daily habits that will transform your life. The challenge is to make small daily changes to your routine, that will pay dividends for the decades to come.

“The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.”  

If you want to go on your journey and join the movement, click the link below. You will get access to the following:

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See you on the other side!