Resilience Workshop

A 6-week journey to increase resilience

About the intervention

A 6-week journey to increase resilience, unlock potential and enhance your capacity to engage with the world. Future proof your team in the face of a rapidly changing world. We take you on a journey to operate at your very best regardless of your circumstances.

The purpose of the workshop is to equip you to move from a survival state to a thriving state. We integrate the best of neuroscience, psychology, nutrition and movement. The purpose of each session is to provide and equip you with practical tools and evidence-based skills you can use immediately to change behaviour for optimal health and performance.

Pillars of the journey

    The workshop content

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    Believe and Goal design


    Operating System

    Software update

    Understanding Coding (neuroscience and psychology)

    Enter meta world

    Metacognition and EI

    Software development

    Meaning + Purpose = Resilience

    Hardware Upgrade

    Lifestyle Enhancement