The course made me realize that I must and CAN take responsibility for my own actions – health and fitness wise. I have been playing the blame game for far too long. Only myself am to blame but on a positive note – I can DO something about it. I am motivated and I feel empowered to Thrive!
Nerissa Roberts

Community Manager, For Good

A very worthwhile workshop for anyone looking to cut through the myriad dietary information out there and find out what really works for them
Danny Tuckwood

Meta-Coach and trainer, Metaco

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and found it very interesting. Overall it makes for a helpful guide on what food to eat to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Natasha Jonas

Administration Supervisor, Aurecon

Things that stood out to me: The way I should make a few sustainable changes and build from there; I liked how you placed the emphasis on being healthy, rather than losing weight; Most importantly though, the way you motivated me to want to be and do more. I’m super excited to give it a try and see what works for me.
Kelsey Yates

Civil Engineer, Aurecon

Thank you very much for the excellent “Thrive” course. I have learnt that everything is possible should your mindset and your attitude be correct. Everything depends on the way you look at food, exercise and most important yourself.!
Ronel Otto

Marketing Officer, University of Johannesburg

I found the nutritional course informative, relevant and practical.
Dennis Zietsman

Group Deputy Chairman, Servest Group

I found the course very informative and helpful and am very keen to hear more. The way in which it is presented really makes sense of the topic and breaks through all the detail to give the main focus which I appreciate.
Geoffrey Whalley

Civil Engineer, Aurecon

Food for thought”  “realizing that sensible diet and exercise is a conversation that you constantly have to have with yourself.!
Dennis Zietsman

Group Deputy Chairman, Servest Group

Thank you for the informative course. My wife and I have busy lifestyles and we found that living healthy is a must. As a result we started going to gym more often and are trying to maintain a healthy diet. What I appreciated from your session is that it brought everything into perspective and balance. I feel that we slipped into a habit/routine of doing stuff and that with the advice received from the session it will spice things up and ad a new dimension. Long story short, it all depends on how you react and what works for you, which is something I’ll remember. Thank you!e!
Duan Serfontein

Electrical Engineer, Aurecon

I learned so much. To name a few, about different foods and portions for different body types, that is going to be so helpful. I will stop trying to eat what other people are eating and try seeing what my body needs. There are lots of studies out there, but I am very glad that you mentioned that “One Size doesn’t fit all”, one diet can’t work for everyone, and everyone should know what works for them. There is soo much I can say about yesterday’s session, like I wished it didn’t end but I really have to get back to work now.hrive!
Tshepi Khabo

Civil Engineer, Aurecon